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Are you ready to start using IPS AdvisorPro® to create world class Investment Policy Statements for your clients?  Here are a few things to keep in mind before you signup:

  • Annual Subscription. IPS AdvisorPro® is an online service paid for by an annual subscription. Subscriptions are renewed at the earlier of: 1) the end of the subscription year, or 2) Upon creating 100 new Investment Policy Statements that year (no extra charge for existing IPS’s which are stored and can be updated as needed).
Pricing: Professional Version $495 / Year


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Professional Investment Policy Statements

Stop using those outdated word documents or other applications that don't reflect how YOU manage money and move up to IPS AdvisorPro® created by Advisors For Advisors.
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Take A Guided Tour

Our online video shows how to easily create an investment policy statement in five simple steps: create a new client, view the questionnaire, choose an asset allocation model, generate and edit the final wording.
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