• Compliance and the IPS
    Issues and Tools in Using IPS AdvisorPro® "If there were only one tool every financial advisor must have to run their business, it would be IPS AdvisorPro™. I feel so strongly about Lubitz and Boone's book and software that I recommend it to every one of our clients without fail. If you want to keep your clients and keep your clients happy, this is the right tool for you." Katherine Vessenes, JD, CFP® President of Vestment Advisors, nationally known authority on investment advisor and broker-dealer compliance issues and author of “Protecting Your Practice” and “Building Your Multimillion Dollar Practice.” Katherine,
  • WINNER, CPA Wealth Provider Financial Planning Awards 2009
    trophy1 CPA Wealth Provider is proud to present the sixth annual financial planning awards honoring CPA/financial planning firms, broker/dealers, and financial planning software vendors as well as providing special Awards of Excellence to those who are in the vanguard of leadership in financial planning. The winners are those firms or companies that have taken the lead through innovation, efficiency, initiative, or growth in the financial planning area.
  • WINNER, The Best Technology of 2006 by Joel Bruckenstein, Morningstar’s Technology Editor
    IPS AdvisorPro"Software Product of the Year" Joel Bruckenstein, Morningstar’s Technology Editor - There are two software products worthy of honors this year, and as it turns out, both of them are new, so both qualify for Software Product of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors. After careful consideration, I decided to award Software of the Year to IPS AdvisorPro. This Web-based application, developed by Norm Boone and Linda Lubitz, two highly gifted financial planning professionals,fill a real need for many financial-services firms: It helps them create highly professional, compliant investment policy statements (IPS).
  • Step One to Fiduciary
    This article originally appeared on Inside Information. Used with permission. Inside Information ~ Filed Under Practice Management, February 2007 Bob Veres, Publisher, Inside Information "The definitive tool for creating investment policy statements is back -- and a LOT more powerful than the earlier version." If we're moving into a fiduciary world, then it seems likely that, eventually, clients will receive some kind of investment policy statement from their advisors -- just like qualified plans do, by law, from THEIR advisors today. And why not? The IPS clarifies the purpose of the portfolio, defines how it will be managed, and (most importantly) it becomes something you can come back to if the client starts asking why you weren’t more heavily weighted in emerging markets funds or REITS following some kind of freakish runup. From a compliance standpoint, it creates a clear record of the investment agreement between advisor and client. Wealthier clients like the idea that their assets are being given the same treatment as large pension plans. And if you do decide to manage a client’s 401(k) plan, you need to have an IPS to define the relationship.
  • A Software Solution to Investment Policy Statements
    This article originally appeared on Used with permission. Joel Bruckenstein, CFP It has been a long wait, a very long wait, but IPS AdvisorPro® is finally here. This Web-based application that creates investment policy statements was developed by two prominent, highly gifted financial planning professionals, Norm Boone and Linda Lubitz. Boone is founder and principal of Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco. He has been cited by numerous periodicals as one of the best financial planners in the country. Boone has served on the National Board of the Financial Planning Association, the TIAA-CREF Institutional Advisory Board, and the advisory council for Schwab Institutional. His articles have appeared in CCH's Journal of Retirement Planning, Journal of Financial Planning, and Wealth Manager.
  • Adviser Services 411
    Bob Veres, Publisher, Inside Information It has taken 30 years, but the financial planning profession has finally evolved a rich and diverse ecology of support services that address virtually every practice need. The trouble is, there isn't any handy telephone book to help you find what you're looking for. Until this column, that is. My goal is to provide names and web (or email) addresses for some of the very best services, consultants and information resources that I've come across in my 23-plus years of roaming around the industry. Whatever you need, chances are it's out there, and you'll be grateful when you find it.

Professional Investment Policy Statements

Stop using those outdated word documents or other applications that don't reflect how YOU manage money and move up to IPS AdvisorPro® created by Advisors For Advisors.
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Our online video shows how to easily create an investment policy statement in five simple steps: create a new client, view the questionnaire, choose an asset allocation model, generate and edit the final wording.
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