The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IPS AdvisorPro®:

Q: What does the IPS AdvisorPro® system do?
A: IPS AdvisorPro® is an online software system that advisors use to create world-class Investment Policy Statements for their clients and prospects.  Using industry standard language published by the FPA, IPS AdvisorPro® provides templates, structure and security for financial advisors.

Q: What is required to start using IPS AdvisorPro® in our firm?
A: To start using IPS AdvisorPro® in your firm, expect to spend several hours identifying the wording and structure that’s right for your firm.  Default wording is provided and will assist you with building a template.  Once you have customized your template, simply select asset classes and create allocation models. Now you and your advisors are ready to use IPS AdvisorPro®.

Q:  What parts of IPS AdvisorPro® are customizable?
A: At the template level, the document structure and wording are customizable to meet the specific guidelines of your firm and compliance department.  For investments, you can select from our listed asset classes and allocation models, or even input your own.

Q: Can IPS AdvisorPro® be customized to reflect our firm brand?
A: Yes, the IPS system has the flexibility to be branded to fully represent your firm.  There is even an option to upload your firm logo for the cover page.

Q: Will IPS AdvisorPro® replace financial planning and optimizing software?
A: No, IPS AdvisorPro® only automates the process of creating Investment Policy Statements.  We have provided a rudimentary portfolio standard deviation and return information calculator for convenience purposes.  In order to take advantage of this portion of the system, you must use the provided asset classes (no custom asset classes).  This system is designed to supplement any optimizer/ proposal generation software you are using.

Q: Can my advisors use an IPS as a marketing tool?
A: Yes! When implemented properly (another benefit of IPS AdvisorPro®) a formal Investment Policy Statement can be a distinct differentiator and competitive advantage in retaining high net worth and institutional clients.  An advisor who has defined templates will be able to create an investment policy statement in a matter of minutes.

Q: How quick and easy is the system, really?
A:  With IPS AdvisorPro®, you can automate the creation, maintenance and updating of Investment Policy Statements – the software allows advisors to securely delegate to staff.

Professional Investment Policy Statements

Stop using those outdated word documents or other applications that don't reflect how YOU manage money and move up to IPS AdvisorPro® created by Advisors For Advisors.
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Take A Guided Tour

Our online video shows how to easily create an investment policy statement in five simple steps: create a new client, view the questionnaire, choose an asset allocation model, generate and edit the final wording.
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