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Learn More About the IPS AdvisorPro® – FinaMetrica Integration

On June 18, 2014, IPS AdvisorPro® (Investment Policy Statement Software) and FinaMetrica (Risk Profiling System) hosted a webinar focused on the integration capability available to users of both applications.  Please CLICK HERE to listen and view a replay of this webinar.

IPS AdvisorPro Capital Market Data

The capital market data used to calculate model portfolio returns in IPS AdvisorPro has been updated. In addition to the typical data changes that occur from year to year, there are two new changes to the data you should be aware of. First, the returns have changed from a Geometric return to an Arithmetic return. Second, the data precision has changed from two decimal places of precision to one decimal place of precision.

Geometric versus Arithmetic Returns

Which return measure, arithmetic or geometric, is appropriate as a basis for defining risk and return for portfolio optimization? A paper written by Richard Michaud of New Frontier Advisors (Michaud, R. 2003. “A Practical Framework for Portfolio Choice.” Journal of Investment Management, 2nd Quarter.), shows the geometric mean is a function of the length of the investment horizon as well as the return distribution. In contrast, the arithmetic mean is a measure of centrality that does not depend on the investment horizon. The arithmetic mean is the measure of choice for portfolio optimization. From a practical point of view, the geometric mean typically underestimates investment return and may lead to unrealistic risk-averse investment decisions.

Data Precision

New Frontier Advisors also recommends using “less” precision when reviewing risk and return data. While this may seem counterintuitive, more precision promotes excessive confidence in the data as it is being examined by the advisor and the client. Extra precision also promotes excessive change to constantly evaluate differences between the optimal model and the client’s current portfolio. Portfolio optimization is not an exact science, and the data should reflect this notion.

IPS AdvisorPro® is Now Integrated with FinaMetrica

We are pleased to announce that our IPS AdvisorPro® technology is now integrated with the FinaMetrica risk profiling system. Users who subscribe to both technologies can now import their clients’ risk profile reports directly from the FinaMetrica system into investment policy statements generated using IPS AdvisorPro.

This collaboration streamlines users’ ability to assess a client’s risk tolerance and incorporate those results into the investment policy statement, helping to better set context and expectations for the management of investment decisions. Used together, the technologies help facilitate advisor-client communications, mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities, and overall more successful client and investment management practices.

For more information on the integration, please contact IPS AdvisorPro subscriber support at support@IPSAdvisorPro.com.

About FinaMetrica:

FinaMetrica specializes in risk tolerance and risk-related matters. The FinaMetrica risk profiling system is based on a psychometric test of personal financial risk tolerance. Psychometrics, a blend of psychology and statistics, is the scientific discipline for testing attributes such as risk tolerance. Launched in 1998, the system is now used by 3,500 advisers in 23 countries in seven languages. More than 650,000 profiles have been completed. The FinaMetrica system enables advisers to make valid and reliable assessments of their clients’ risk tolerance, incorporate those assessments into the financial planning process and explain risk more meaningfully. For more information, visit www.riskprofiling.com.

Read the press release

Click here to view a brief video of this integration.

Fiduciary Resource Center: fi360 monthly enewsletters

We hope you will take a few moments to enjoy resource information in the monthly newsletters from our parent company, fi360.

Bill Winterberg discusses fi360′s purchase of IPS AdvisorPro®

Please click here to watch Bill Winterberg’s FPPads Bits and Bytes regarding IPS AdvisorPro®’s acquisition by fi360.

ThinkAdvisor: Norm Boone’s comments on fi360′s acquisition, and the future of IPS AdvisorPro®

Please click here to read this article.

IPS AdvisorPro®: Acquired by fi360

IPS AdvisorPro® is pleased to announce its acquisition by fi360!  Founders, Norm Boone, CFP® and Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®, are excited about the growth potential and future of IPS AdvisorPro®, and want to assure all of its users that their access to the application and data confidentiality will be preserved, and the reliable support and familiar voices of the company will be retained and unaffected by the acquisition.

Please click here to read this morning’s Press Release.

NAAIM Announces Member Benefit Agreement with IPS AdvisorPro®

NAAIM, the National Association of Active Investment Managers, just announced an agreement with IPS AdvisorPro® which will offer its members discounted access to IPS AdvisorPro’s innovative technology platform for creating, updating and managing Investment Policy Statements (IPS).  Please click here to read the recent Press Release.

To introduce IPS AdvisorPro to its membership, IPS AdvisorPro will be providing a webinar on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, at 4:15pm (Eastern).  For more information, please contact info@naaim.org.

IPS AdvisorPro® Founder Linda Lubitz Boone discusses Investment Policy Statements on Blog Talk Radio

IPS AdvisorPro® founder Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®, was interviewed by Chuck Hammond (The 401k Study Group) on BlogTalkRadio yesterday; the interview, titled ‘An IPS For Everyone’  addressed the use of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for Individual clients, as well as for Qualified Plans.

Additionally, Linda discussed how an IPS can be used to market to new clients.

Please click here to listen to this interview.

IPS AdvisorPro® Announces Its 3rd Annual Intern Training Program

~ Innovative program will train interns at advisory firms to implement Investment Policy Statements as well as highlight ways to facilitate a successful internship~

Miami, FL – May 1, 2013. IPS AdvisorPro® is pleased to announce it will be offering its 3rd annual Intern Training Program; the program is designed to enhance the intern experience at financial advisory firms by providing them with a technology focus as well as sharing the best practices for what makes a successful internship. The IPS AdvisorPro® intern training program will provide training to interns to manage the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) process through the innovative IPS AdvisorPro® technology platform. Additionally, the training program will offer tips, ideas, best practices and strategies for designing a meaningful experience that will position interns for a future career in the wealth management industry.

“In our experience as managing principals of growing advisory firms, we’ve worked with dozens of interns over the years and have identified what makes a successful internship program for both the student and the sponsoring firm,” said IPS AdvisorPro® co-founders Norm Boone, CFP® and Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®. “Interns tend to be technology savvy and are eager to have a project that they can call their own and contribute to the organization in a meaningful way. This program will provide the IPS and technology training to do that while also providing key insights on ways to maximize their time at their firms.”

IPS AdvisorPro® is built on the industry’s latest technology, capturing the many benefits of providing a secure, online tool that advisors can access any time and anywhere they have an Internet connection. Powerful customization tools provide advisors the flexibility and functionality to tailor their IPSs to their client’s individual situation. Additionally, if firms need to change or update their investment process or methodology, they can simply make those changes, and with one click, automatically update all IPSs across the firm.

The IPS AdvisorPro® Intern Training Program will consist of online training, webcasts and feature the advice of Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®, and President of The Lubitz Financial Group, OR, Norm Boone, CFP®, and President of Mosaic Financial Partners, on how interns can make the most of their time with their firms, work effectively in their roles and learn all aspects of what a career in the financial services industry entails.

“Many advisory firms have a strong appetite for bringing on interns to help them in their business, yet struggle for what types of tasks and duties to assign them,” said Lubitz Boone and Boone. “We believe that the IPS AdvisorPro® Intern Training Program will be a model for the industry and we look forward to working with the next generation of financial advisors.”

About IPS AdvisorPro®

Created by financial advisors for financial advisors, IPS AdvisorPro® is designed to work with all types of wealth management professionals and their practices. IPS AdvisorPro® offers a flexible solution to creating and managing Investment Policy Statements that are easy to use through an encrypted, secure web-based environment. With over 1,600 users and over 44,000 IPSs created, IPS AdvisorPro® is the industry’s leading technology solution. IPS AdvisorPro® was named in 2006 by Morningstar’ Technology Editor as the “Software of the Year” and was a CPA Wealth Provider “Financial Planning Awards Winner” in 2009. For more information, please visit www.IPSAdvisorPro.com.


Simply sign up for ONE of the training programs below by clicking the applicable link for the session you wish to attend:

  • Wednesday, June 5, 2013, at 4:00pm EST: Please click here to register.
  •  Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at 4:00pm EST: please click here to register.

Cost – Free for Subscribers!

Please CONTACT Linda Groden at lindag@IPSAdvisorPro.com to obtain the applicable promo code to utilize during your registration process.

Cost – Non-Subscribers

For non-subscribers the cost is $50; this fee will be applied to the cost of your subscription if your firm signs up for IPS AdvisorPro® within the 30 days following its attendance of this program.

We look forward to having you join us for one of these sessions!

For Additional Information, please contact:

IPS AdvisorPro®: Linda Groden, 330-724-7145, lindag@IPSAdvisorPro.com

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