Features & Pricing

Annual license fee allows each subscriber firm up to 100 new Investment Policy Statements per year and up to 5 user logins per account for $495/year.  Additional user logins may be purchased; fee information is available via our sales team.  **Large Firm OR Institution?   Check with our sales team for details on enterprise pricing and/or oversight capabilities.

Professional Insight

The use of an Investment Policy Statement benefits both the investor and advisor, creating better relationships.

1. Discipline – An Investment Policy Statement compels the investor and the investor’s advisor to be more disciplined and systematic in their decision making, which in itself should improve the odds of meeting the investment goals.

2. Clarity – Objectives and expectations are clear for all concerned parties and thus, misunderstandings are more likely to be avoided.

3. Process – Approved procedures are specified so everyone concerned will know what to expect.

4. Logical – Decisions can be made as to how things will be done under a variety of circumstances in a deliberate fashion, rather than in reaction to emotions.

5. Accountability – The Investment Policy Statement establishes a record of decisions and an objective means to test whether those serving the investor are complying with the investor’s requirements.

6. Communication – Provide communication between advisors, clients and both current and future beneficiaries as to how the each proposes to act upon their duties.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Simple instructions and pre-designed templates make IPS AdvisorPro® straightforward and easy to use. Your IPS can be as short or as long as you want.

We provide you with suggested wording for each of eight different client types and you accept, edit or reject according to how you want YOUR IPS to read. This is our powerful customization feature to begin the process. Your IPS can be as short or as long as you want. Just make sure that what is in your IPS is what you can commit to do for your clients.

Security & Privacy

IPS AdvisorPro® takes security very seriously. Our web services are developed and maintained by the highly skilled professionals and data security experts at CQL Corp, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one of the security conventions used by IPS AdvisorPro® to protect your data. The 128-bit SSL protocol is the same level of security used by banks, financial firms and major credit card companies for online applications. While you navigate your account, note the URL starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP. The ‘S’ stands for secure.

When using IPS AdvisorPro®, subscribers must authenticate using three pieces of information: a Customer ID, company ID and personal identification numbers (PIN) or password.  Once created, your password is encrypted to protect the data within your account – and only you will have access to this data; we strongly recommend that you do not share your password with anyone.

Compliance Controls

Our unique and patent-pending compliance features allows you to restrict the editing or removal of any or all of the template words or paragraphs on a user-by-user basis. This gives you complete control of your documents. For example, you may wish to have a disclaimer statement in your Investment Policy Statement that must ALWAYS appear in every client’s IPS and you don’t want it changed by anyone – You CAN with IPS AdvisorPro®. We are the only application available with these compliance controls.

Customized Investment Policy Statements

Nothing is more important than providing the highest quality work for your client – and advisors know their own clients better than anyone. For that reason, IPS AdvisorPro® provides a high level of flexibility and customization for you to meet a wide variety of needs.

IPS AdvisorPro® comes with suggested wording in templates that create an Investment Policy Statement based on decisions you make. This allows you to create unique Investment Policy Statements for each and every client in a logical manner.

No matter what segment of wealth management your practice is focused on, you’ll find that IPS AdvisorPro® creates effective Investment Policy Statements for your clients.

IPS AdvisorPro® allows you to create a professional document that you’ll be proud to present to clients. You can even brand your Investment Policy Statements with the logo of your firm.

Professional Investment Policy Statements

Stop using those outdated word documents or other applications that don't reflect how YOU manage money and move up to IPS AdvisorPro® created by Advisors For Advisors.
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Take A Guided Tour

Our online video shows how to easily create an investment policy statement in five simple steps: create a new client, view the questionnaire, choose an asset allocation model, generate and edit the final wording.
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