Additional Resources

IPS AdvisorPro® has collected the following list of articles, links and information as a public resource.  If you have an article to submit to this resource page, please send us an email. Articles written by and about IPSs, IPS AdvisorPro® founders, Norm Boone, MBA, CFP® and Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®, on the topic of Investment Policy Statements:

Other important works on the topic of Procedural Prudence and Fiduciary Responsibility:

  • Donald B. Trone, William Albright and William Madden. The Management of Investment Decisions. Irwin Professional Publishing. 1995.
  • Lynn Hopewell. “Common Mistakes of Fiduciaries Responsible for Investments, The Monitor Group.” The Journal of Investing. Winter 1994.
  • Arthur M. Sherwood. “The New York Prudent Investor Act: Focus on Tax Considerations.” New York State Bar Journal. November 1994.
  • Walter R. Good and Douglas A. Love. Managing Pension Assets: Pension Finance and Corporate Goals. McGraw Hill Publishing. 1990.
  • Investment Policy Guidebook for Corporate Pension Plan Trustees. Special Committee of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans IFEBP. 1990.
  • Russell A. Gauderies and Robert C. Macula, Jr. “Fiduciary Responsibility under ERISA: Where Does it Begin? Where Does it End?” ALA-ABA Course Materials Journal.

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